Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy in Yellow

Recently I discovered an amazing textile artist from Australia on deviantART. Her name is Sarah Neale. She creates art out of canvas, fabric, and different fibers. Here is my favorite:
Sarah just opened up an Etsy shop called Happy in Yellow. You can find Kate and some colorful, adorable bears at Happy in Yellow. Make sure and check out Happy in Yellow on Etsy and on deviantART.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tiny Sloths

I've been extremely uninspired lately and have been depending on swaps on swap-bot to get inspiration for new projects. I found a very interesting swap yesterday called Managerie Shrine 3. The premise of the swap is that aliens are collecting samples of wildlife on Earth in order to save them. Swappers are to take a 32 count matchbox and create a shrine out of it including an animal in their natural ecosystem. The outside of the matchbox is to be decorated as well. Of course, I went with a sloth. I decorated the outside to look as if what's inside is a specimen for the aliens. While making this matchbox shrine, I got the idea to have the tiny sloth plushie to be hanging off a chain. I introduced this new necklace in my shop today.
Tiny Sloth Plushie Necklace

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sometimes It Pays to Be Forgetful

Why you may ask? Because the thing you've forgotten about turns out to be a huge surprise! About a month ago, I was contacted on Etsy by the folks at Terbear Collectibles. I had won a custom stamp from their shop! I was really taken aback because I hadn't remembered entering the giveaway. I had been so bored that I was entering probably a dozen giveaways, if not more, a week. So with all this slipping my mind, I was elated when I found out I had won such an awesome prize. Look what came in the mail for me today!
The packaging was so lovely, I didn't want to open it. I was surprised to find a wooden mounted stamp! I thought that it would be unmounted as so many of the custom stamp sellers I've looked into only offer unmounted stamps, or offer to mount them for an extra cost.
Isn't it fab? Now I can send personalized cards with my Etsy orders! I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of this product from Terbear Collectibles. Not only is their quality impeccable, but their prices are super affordable, too. So if you're in the market for a customized stamp, check out Terbear Collectibles. You can also like them on Facebook to stay apprised of future giveaways.

Friday, March 23, 2012

40% Off for a Limited Time!!!

For a limited time, I'm offering 40% off your entire purchase before shipping when you use coupon code INEEDASALE at checkout. This offer is not good on custom orders or made to order items. You must use the coupon at the time of checkout and no refunds will be given for forgotten coupons. I'm in desperate need of some sales or I may have to shut my Etsy shop down. The listing fees are much more than the amount I'm bringing in (I've only made two small sales this month). I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a look around my Etsy shop and see if there is anything you might like to have. Thanks so much for your time.


My New Logo

I'm so stoked about my new logo! It represents me and my mascot, Charlie the sloth. I commissioned it from SugarOverkill. Michéle Liza Pelayre is the talent behind the company. Her influences are Japanese pop culture, kawaii, goth, punk, and Harajuku. Michéle is currently taking commissions for illustrations and tattoo designs. If you're interested, you can send Michéle an e-mail.  You can also connect with Michéle on deviantART and Facebook

I also commissioned my good friend, Jeanette Wummel, the owner of The Roots of Design to make another chibi of me and Charlie.  I know, I'm a little vain aren't I?  I just love seeing my characters (yes, I'm a character) drawn by different artists.  I think Jeanette made me and Charlie look so stinkin' cute!  Jeanette is also currently taking commissions for chibis.  If you're interested, just send her an e-mail.

I want to thank both Michéle and Jeanette for creating such awesome pieces of art for me!  You all have made the past two days really special.