Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tiny Sloths

I've been extremely uninspired lately and have been depending on swaps on swap-bot to get inspiration for new projects. I found a very interesting swap yesterday called Managerie Shrine 3. The premise of the swap is that aliens are collecting samples of wildlife on Earth in order to save them. Swappers are to take a 32 count matchbox and create a shrine out of it including an animal in their natural ecosystem. The outside of the matchbox is to be decorated as well. Of course, I went with a sloth. I decorated the outside to look as if what's inside is a specimen for the aliens. While making this matchbox shrine, I got the idea to have the tiny sloth plushie to be hanging off a chain. I introduced this new necklace in my shop today.
Tiny Sloth Plushie Necklace


la petite lulu said...

Oh! This little guy is so cute. I've just been checking out your shop - you have some great plushies, the raccoon is my fav!!!

Rain Embellishments said...

Too darn adorable!!

Ayumi Sophia said...

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