Friday, March 23, 2012

My New Logo

I'm so stoked about my new logo! It represents me and my mascot, Charlie the sloth. I commissioned it from SugarOverkill. Michéle Liza Pelayre is the talent behind the company. Her influences are Japanese pop culture, kawaii, goth, punk, and Harajuku. Michéle is currently taking commissions for illustrations and tattoo designs. If you're interested, you can send Michéle an e-mail.  You can also connect with Michéle on deviantART and Facebook

I also commissioned my good friend, Jeanette Wummel, the owner of The Roots of Design to make another chibi of me and Charlie.  I know, I'm a little vain aren't I?  I just love seeing my characters (yes, I'm a character) drawn by different artists.  I think Jeanette made me and Charlie look so stinkin' cute!  Jeanette is also currently taking commissions for chibis.  If you're interested, just send her an e-mail.

I want to thank both Michéle and Jeanette for creating such awesome pieces of art for me!  You all have made the past two days really special. 



Awesomeartist99 said...

I like your new logo, but adored your last one! :)

kiddo said...

I adored it as well, but I wanted something new. My friend, Eric, designed the previous one. He's an awesome artist as well.

I had no idea you were paying attention. :P

Mandy Crandell said...

Your new logo is incredible!!!

Humberto Decius said...

Your new logo is just an eye candy. Michele did a great job on providing you with such a quality vector art. Vectored character logos are usually associated with cartoons and similar things, which looses its effectiveness for advertisement. Yours, however, really does show your characteristic that will surely catch people's attention.

Humberto Decius